26. November 2012

Perixx PERIBOARD-512B, Ergonomische Tastatur, schnurgebunden – Dunkelgrau – USB – Ergonomisches Design – Empfohlen beim Repetitive Strain Injury-Syndrom (kurz RSI-Syndrom) – English Layout

  • Ergonomic Full Size Keyboard
  • Split-key and 3-D design conforms to your natural arm and hand positions
  • 7 Multimedia Hot Keys
  • Recommended with Repetitive Strain Injuries RSI User

7 Hot Keys Multimedia Tastatur;- Ergonomisches Design;- Anschluss: USB;- Ma��e (B x H x T): 486 x 236 x 44 mm;- f��r Win ME/2000/XP/Vista/7;- Farbe: schwarz